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Morse Code Madness - Helps you learn Morse Code. Morse Code Trainer, Morse Code Translater, Morse Code QSO Practice, Morse Code Transceiver. Sharpen your Morse Code skills.
A Windows based Morse Code program written in Visual Basic 6 with source code freely available! The program uses DirectX DirectSound for some features. You may download the source code and/or the executable at the bottom of the page.

The Project:
This is a SourceForge GNU Project. See the SourceForge Summary page. If you are a programmer you can help us by joining our team and helping to write or simplifie the software. If you are a Home User who does not program you can help by making suggestions or bug reports! Please join us in making this the best Morse Code software available.

The Philosophy:
We searched high and low for a good, free, easy to use Morse Code trainer but couldn't find one anywhere. Morse Code Madness is our attempt to bring the huddled masses closer to getting that amateur radio (HAM) Novice License. Because of the HAM credo we thought we would find many such free software packages, but alas, we had to write our own. In an age when amateur radio as a hobby is competing with computers, nintendo, and a host of other high-tech pastimes we thought it sad that so few are trying to promote amateur radio in an unrestricted and non-profit way. We do, however, salute those few! Morse Code Madness was born of the idea of giving back freely to the HAM community and to help promote the use of morse code in general.

The Requirements:
To run the executable you will need a Win32 computer (Windows 95 and up) and have at least DirectX7 installed (You probably already have it). DirectX is needed for most games these days and is a free product of Microsoft. Get it at the Microsoft DirectX Downloads Page.
To play with the source code you will need Visual Basic 6.

The Program/Code:
You can find the latest source code, and maybe binary, at the SourceForge Summary page for Morse Code Madness.
You may also be able to get the source code at:

The Feedback:
Contact us via Email here - You will have to be a member of SourceForge (it's free and takes only a moment).

P.S. We would give more info here, but because we have to use SSH and Bash to upload files here it is better for you to just check out the project page listed above. We will probably not be updating this page. It is just too much trouble.
Bash? We don't need no stinking Bash! We have MS Windows!